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130+ Red Dog Names That Are “RED”iculously Adorable

Do you wish you could find a red dog name that’s a perfect fit for your new fiery pup? Then we’re glad you’re here! Red dog names are some of the best, and you’re sure to be inspired by our ultimate list.

Whether your new puppy is a fiery red-head, a genuine ginger, or an amazing apricot, finding a name that fits his or her personality and appearance is one of the most fun, creative, and somewhat perplexing tasks of being a new pet parent.

With the list below and your new puppy by your side, you’re sure to find a name that’s just as red-iculously perfect as your new pup!

red goldendoodle dog's face image

To make your search a breeze, we’ve rolled out the “virtual red carpet” and created a colossal list of names that are organized by categories including male red dog names, female red dog names, red things found in nature and more.

While this list of dog names was inspired by our red Goldendoodle dog, they are just right for all breeds that sport red coats in all colors—from the deepest auburn to firecracker red to apricot and orange.

You’re sure to be inspired by these names for red dog breeds and mixes including Dachshunds, Irish Setters, Irish Terriers, Vizlas, red Goldendoodles, and more.

How to choose a red dog name: 5 tips

Before you begin, here are a few tips on choosing a name for your new furry bestie:

  1. DO: Keep a list. Jot down names that “fit” your dog’s personality. If a name has a “ring” to it, there’s a reason that it is resonating with you. As you add to your list, you may find a pattern. Maybe your list is filled with human names or old-fashioned names or names that start with a particular letter.
  2. DO: Say the name aloud. How does it sound after the phrase, “Who’s a good dog?” 😉
  3. DO: Choose a name that has two syllables. According to experts, dogs are more receptive to two-syllable names because the length allows the dog owner to add more voice inflection. (For more information, read Modern Dog magazine’s The Science of Choosing a Dog’s Name.) To make it easier for you, almost all of the names on our lists have two syllables.
  4. DON’T: Choose a name that sounds like a command that your dog will follow. This may be confusing for your dog. (For example, “Lay” and “Layla.”)
  5. DO: Have fun! After reading the lists of red dog names below, check out our other dog name lists:
red goldendoodle dog and red dog name image

Red dog names: Male

Clifford (The Big Red Dog)Copper
Mater (short for tomato)Mars (the red planet)
Pumpkin Rojo

Red dog names: Female

Carmine Claret
Cinna (inspired by cinnamon) Crimson
Coral Cherry
Garnet Ginger
Mauve Peaches (for an apricot or ginger dog)
Ruby Rosy
RojaRosa (Rossa)

Red dog names inspired by shades of red

Coral Scarlet
Lettering says "red-iculously cute red dog names" and red, fluffy dog's face

Red dog names inspired by celebrities, Disney characters, royalty…and race car drivers

Alfred (E. Newman) Ginger (Gilligan’s Island)
Amy (Amy Adams) Giselle (Disney’s)
Anna (Disney’s Frozen) Harry (Prince Harry)
Archie (Archie Comics) Janie (Jane Jetson: The Jetsons)
Ariel (Little Mermaid) Jessie (Disney’s Toy Story)
Charlie (Charles Finster: Rugrats)Kim (Kim Possible) 
Clemens (Samuel Clemens) Annie (Little Orphan Annie)
Earnhardt (Dale Earnhardt)Lucy (Lucille Ball: The I Love Lucy Show)
Daphne (Scooby-Doo) Merida (Disney’s Brave)
Sheeran (Ed Sheeran) Pebbles (The Flintsones)
Elmo (Sesame Street)Peter (Peter Pan) 
Emma (Emma Stone) Princess Fiona (Shrek)
Fergi (Sarah, Duchess of York)Li’l Ann (Where the Red Fern Grows)
Finneas (Finneas and Ferb)Scooby (Scooby-Doo)
Florence (Florence Nightingale)Wilma (Wilma Flintstone) 
Ernie (Bert’s pal: Sesame Street)Winston Churchill
Beeker (The Muppets)Yosemite Sam
Nemo (Finding Nemo)
image of curly red dog face

Red dog names inspired by famous red dogs!

Lady (Disney’s Lady and the Tramp)
Turner (Turner and Hooch: Movie)
Clifford (Clifford The Big Red Dog: children’s books)
Pluto (Disney’s comical dog)
Li’l Ann (Where the Red Fern Grows: classic dog book)

Names for red dogs that are inspired by food

Berry (cranberry, raspberry)Merlot
CheetoKC (Kansas City BBQ)
Cherry Nacho
CinnamonPepper (red pepper) 
ClaretPom-Pom (Pomegranite) 
MangoRhubee (inspired by rhubarb)
MeatballSaffron (expensive spice)
MelonVelvet (red velvet cake)
red goldendoodle dog's face i

Love nature? Try out these nature-inspired red dog names

Cardinal Rosy (Red Rose) 
red goldendoodle puppy running in green grass with red dog name on puppy id

Do you associate red dog names with energy?

Like the color red, does your red-haired canine companion embody a spirit of adventure, boldness, and enthusiasm?

Then these words that are inspired by the meaning of red—from firecracker red to the muted hues of autumn—may be just what you’re looking for.

Fiery  Tropics
Lively Zippy

Naming your new pup is a red-letter day and one of the first of many happy adventures that you’ll enjoy together. For more puppy tips, check out our article on raising a Goldendoodle puppy.

We hope we’ve helped you out and brought you a smile or two along the way.

What names are you considering for your red haired dog? We’d love to hear!

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