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Smiling Dog Memes To Make Your Day Brighter 🤩

Looking for a smiling dog meme that will make you furry happy? We created these memes of dogs smiling because we all deserve a little doggo happiness break! Whether these dogs are being goofy, silly, or plain happy, they speak to our hearts with their wholesome, good-natured smiles. So give yourself a little break and enjoy these humorous memes that will make your day brighter!

Here at Happy-Go-Doodle, we believe that every day is a day for spoiling our dogs, laughing, and enjoying life!

These memes are just the beginning of all the smiles that are in store for dog moms, dog dads, and any dog lover who loves the little everyday moments dogs share with us. Sit back, scritch your dog’s noggin’, and enjoy.

Dog smiling memes about those little things our puppers do

The innocent dog smile…

Innocent smiling dog meme with caption about eating poop, photo

And when you get the entire pack together, who knows what will happen next…

Pile of Goldendoodle puppies with one puppy asking who farted, photo

Smiling dog memes you may be able to relate to in your own life

This meme’s for the dog mom who has 27,000 photos of her pupper on her phone…

Bichone Frise dog with pink tongue sticking out and meme says "When Mom asks you to smile for the 100th time

And this smiley dog meme is for all you dog parents with new puppies who love to gnaw…on you, mostly!

Smiling dog meme of a puppy who loves to chew and the Red Goldendoodle puppy is smiling with puppy teeth showing

The dad face smile…

Smiling dog with long, black eyebrows and funny dog meme for dads says "rocking the dad brows," photo

So, you finally get the pack together for the family photo and this actually does happen!

Four happy smiling dogs and meme is about the unlikelihood of catching all the dogs smiling, photo

Because there are all kinds of dog smiles

Some dog smiles are subtle…

Smiling dog meme says "this is my chill smile" and photo of black and white dog with a half smile and glasses, photo

Other dog smiles are full out…

Goldendoodle dog with red, white, blue sunglasses and big smile, photo

(BTW…”bork” is dog parent language for bark! If you love speaking dog slang, check out our doggolingo article and test your dog slang skills.)

And other dog smiles are just grins but full body smiles! Who knew the sound of the treat bag crinkling could be so joyous…

Dog smiling and jumping for joy on beach with a meme about mom breaking open the treat bag, photo

And then there’s the dog meme for those un-smile moments, too…

Pug lying on floor with tongue out, photo

Can you relate to this?

Labrador Retriever dog lying with belly up and smiling in his sleep and the dog meme says, Me. 2 minutes before zoom meeting

True confession time…

White dogs with big smile and meme says, I counter surfed dad's waffle

The pure enthusiasm smile…

Smiling dog meme showing a Poodle dog with a big smile sitting it car and caption about going to Petco

How’s your day going? Kinda like this?

Labrador retriever sleeping with smile on face in to photos and third photo awake, photo

“Stick” with me here. 😉 No list of smiling dog memes would be complete without a pupper who can grin while holding a stick in mouth…

Labrador retriever dog smiling with stick in mout, photo

Finally, and maybe the best dog smile of all, the “my-entire-face-is-smiling” smile because your dog knows how much you love them…

Smiling white dog with tongue out looking happy, photo

Thank you for stopping by for a smiling breaking break! We wish you and your dog many happy moments hanging out together and having fun.

Which dog meme added a little happiness to your day?

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Thursday 8th of September 2022

look forward to the memes! thanks :)


Thursday 8th of September 2022

Glad we can add a smile to your day!

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