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BlogPaws Pet Conference 2017: Fetching (Happy) Memories

Happy-Go-Doodle Chloe nudged my arm as I sat on the grass with a Sharpie pen in hand and a pile of new tennis balls next to me. I’d had a ball at my first BlogPaws pet conference. Now it was time to have a ball with my best furry friend!

Collage of photos of red goldendoodle dog with yellow tennis balls with words printed on each ball and title fetching happy memories: blogpaws conference

Playing fetch had become our tradition for celebrating good news. These “yellow ball of happiness” games were a time to count our blessings, acknowledge special people who had made our first BlogPaws pet conference so memorable, and remember the personal stories that meant so much. 

Red goldendoodle dog with blue dog bandana and tennis balls all on grass and title what a ball


Red goldendoodle dog with blue dog bandana on green grass and tennis balls with title you had me at hello


I picked up the tennis ball with “HELLO” printed on it and tossed it in the air for Chloe.  Our first “Yellow Ball of Happiness” highlight goes out to a kindhearted Uber driver and the caring team at The Humane Society of North Myrtle Beach, Inc.


The BlogPaws pet conference adventure began after arriving at the Myrtle Beach airport where our Uber driver greeted my daughter, sister, and me with a friendly “hello.” As we loaded our luggage into the car, we noticed a bag of dog food in the back seat. BINGO! A dog lover! Without much prompting, a heartwarming story about his rescue pup, Marble (pronounced Mer-ble by his daughter), ensued. You could hear the love in his voice as he shared his story about adopting a rather zippy pup and how The Humane Society team had stuck by him through his new pup parent experiences.

But there’s a second chapter to this waggy TALE. A day later, while I was at the BlogPaws conference, I met two members of The Humane Society of North Myrtle Beach. They were the good people who had helped Merble and her pet parent! It was a joy to meet them.

Dogs bring people together.

Chloe, a red goldendoodle dog lying in grass with yellow tennis ball that say's friend and title you've gotta friend


I threw the tennis ball marked “FRIEND” into the air. As Chloe returned it to me, I recalled many new friendships made at the  pet conference. Our “yellow ball of happiness” highlight for friendship goes out to some welcoming cat bloggers who made this dog blogger feel like a true fur-end.


The first morning of the conference, I was welcomed to breakfast by pet bloggers who shared a passion for pets–especially furry felines. Noir Kitty Mews, Chirpy Cats, Momma Cat and Her Bear Cat, and Bengal Cats took me “under their paws” and shared helpful conference tips with me. They extended a paw out as a “mew” friend.

Teamwork makes our blogging dreams work.

Happy-Go-Doodle Chloe, a red goldendoodle dog, with tennis ball in mouth that reads "kind" and quote "kindness is catching" on dog ball border


I tossed the ball labeled “KIND” into the air. It plunked into Chloe’s mouth. “Kindness” is the best thing to catch!

Our  “yellow ball of happiness” highlight for kindness goes out to the BlogPaws team, The Graffiti Dog, Traveling Dog Lady, Barking from the Bayou, and the BlogPaws ambassadors.


While having lunch on the second day of the pet conference, I met a dog blogger who had launched her new blog days before the conference. After exchanging business cards, I made a mental note. How could I share with her the kindness that the BlogPaws community had extended to me when I was launching my blog six months ago? Here’s a try:

Tail wags, woofs, and woohoos to Mindy on

launching her new dog blog,


Why so important? As a new social media influencer, I’d started out with one Twitter follower, my daughter. After finding BlogPaws through a Google search, I participated in my first BlogPaws Tuesday Twitter chat. Within minutes, Happy-Go-Doodle had new Twitter friends–The BlogPaws team, The Graffiti Dog, Traveling Dog Lady, Barking from the Bayou, and BlogPaws ambassadors were some of the first. Paying it forward by supporting another new blogger feels good.

Kindness is catching.

Happy-Go-Doodle Chloe, a red goldendoodle dog, lying in green grass and studying a tennis ball with the word "nice" on it


I picked up the ball with “NICE” printed on it and tossed it in the air for Chloe to catch.  Our “yellow ball of happiness” highlight for being so doggone nice goes out to Hollie at The Social Media Advisor.


Living in the moment while capturing and sharing pet conference highlights on social media was an unexpected challenge for me. A day into it, I realized that multitasking meant missing out on the moment. During one of the events, Hollie introduced herself and took the time to share some insights and tips on which social media platforms she was using. Had she read my mind? It was such a helpful, nice, and unexpected gesture!

Red goldendoodle dog, Chloe, looks at the camera as she is sitting on green grass. Tennis ball says "smiley" and includes dog quote smiley happy sunshiny laughy


I tossed another ball into the air and watched the word “SMILES” blaze a trail through the blue sky until it dropped on the grass. Chloe scooped it up into her mouth. Our yellow ball of happiness highlight for sharing smiles and support goes out to my family.


Prior to attending the BlogPaws conference, I’d been hesitant. Was it worth the investment? How could I measure my return? My husband, kids, parents, siblings, and Chloe all supported me. “We’re getting her to Myrtle Beach…she’s definitely going,” my husband had said to the Courier Tribune news reporter in an interview about Happy-Go-Doodle‘s selection as a BlogPaws Best New Pet Blog finalist. Because of my family’s support, I decided to attend the BlogPaws pet conference. It was one of the best business decisions I could have made. At the end of the three-day pet conference, I was returning home with…

  • New relationships with over 30 pet brands who’d attend the conference as sponsors.
  • New connections with at least 76 bloggers. (I didn’t keep a tally, but I did collect that many business cards!)
  • Enough information, education, and ideas to feed my dog blog for the next year. (Not to mention enough snacks and swag from brand sponsors to surprise and delight Chloe!)

But the most personally priceless conference moment happened during the awards dinner. As I returned to my seat after sharing a teary-eyed, impromptu speech for the BlogPaws Best New Pet Blog award, I saw a huge smile on my daughter’s face. She was so happy for me. That was the biggest honor that I could have ever received.

Family smiles mean the most. 

Happy-Go-Doodle Chloe, a red goldendoodle dog, holds a tennis ball in her mouth. Dog's ball has the word "LOVE" written on it.


logo fetch joy

I tossed the last tennis ball with “LOVE” to Chloe. She made a perfect catch. It was a joyful ending to our celebration. Happy, smiley, ball-loving, kiddoodle Chloe was my inspiration. She shares so much joy with me and everyone she meets. Through the adventures of one very loved and loving four-legged family member,  we hope to FETCH JOY™ with you. 

Do you have a “yellow ball of happiness” moment that you’d like to share? 

We’d love to hear. Please comment below. 

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Doodle kisses and tail wags!

Cathy Armato

Monday 3rd of July 2017

What a beautiful post, and So clever too! What a great way to celebrate the many wonderful attributes of the BlogPaws conference and the community. I'm so glad you had a great conference experience, and Congrats again on winning the prestigious Nose to Nose award!! What a special memory to be able to share that with your family! Thanks for mentioning the BlogPaws Ambassadors, I was so honored to have an Ambassador this year. Love & Biscuits, Dogs Luv Us and We Luv Them


Tuesday 4th of July 2017

Thanks so much for your kind words. We appreciated all that you and the other BlogPaws Ambassadors did–from sharing blogs prior to the conference to keeping everyone up-to-date on the latest activities during the conference. We hope to get to meet you in KC next year! Tail wags and take care!

Three Chatty Cats

Sunday 25th of June 2017

What an awesome post! I'm sorry to have missed meeting you at the conference, but I'm glad you had such a wonderful time!


Tuesday 27th of June 2017

Thanks, Three Chatty Cats! Mom wishes she could have met you, too! If you cats are heading to KC for the next BlogPaws conference, we can chat whiskers to wet noses then! Mom's bringing me! Doodle kisses to you!


Wednesday 21st of June 2017

Hi Jenise! I talked to your husband and told him about the article in the newspaper that featured you and Chloe! I've saved it for you. It was in the June 15 paper. He explained to me how you captured all those adorable photos of Chloe and the tennis ball in her mouth that had the words written on them! You are amazing to do that! Dogs require a lot of patience. The blog is adorable and I've signed up for updates! Congratulations on your win!


Sunday 25th of June 2017

Hi Linda! Thank you for your kind words, sharing the newspaper article, and for signing up for email updates! We're so happy you'll be following along on our Happy-Go-Doodle adventures! Tail wags and doodle kisses!


Saturday 17th of June 2017

Miss Jenise & Chloe, thank you for such a sweet mention of Noir Kitty Mews. You two made such a positive impression on Mom & I (and Flattie V) with your wonderful blog & in pur-son smiles. We love your attitude, your JOY - that is so you! Thanks so much fur being our fur-iends! Hugs, hugs & more hugs! Mom & Flattie V's tennis ball (ur - kitty jingle ball) moment - seeing you SMILE with your trophy!

PS (Purrs & Strops): We hope to get to see you again next year!


Saturday 17th of June 2017

Hello, Valentine! Thanks so much for stopping by and sharing such kind words. You extended a paw to us at the conference and that was "paws-itively" nice. We're already looking forward to next year, and hope you get to see you then! Tail wags and take care!

Chirpy Cats

Saturday 17th of June 2017

What a beautifully written post, love it! Thank you for including us on your "yellow ball of happiness" FRIENDS ball! It gave me a pleasant case of the feels MOL. We are so happy to be your mew friends and here's wishing that your blog goes from strength to strength! The Lady cat loved exchanging tips about our blogs and likes the story behind FETCH JOY. Chloe you are too adorable!


Saturday 17th of June 2017

Awww...thanks so much for your kinds words! Meeting you at the BlogPaws conference brought us such joy! We will definitely continue exchanging blogging tips, and hope to see you again at BlogPaws in KC! Thanks for stopping by, mew friend!

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