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75 Star Wars Dog Names for Your Young PAWdawan

YODA: Star Wars dog names searching for you are?

YOU: Yes, Master Yoda. I’m on a valiant search for the best dog name for my young PAWdawan.

If you’re beginning an epic adventure with your new puppy and on the quest for the perfect Star Wars name, we’re happy you’re here! Thanks for dropping by our galaxy not so far away in your pursuit for the best Star Wars dog name for your young “PAWdawan.”

75 Star Wars Dog Names for Your PAWdawan

First, there’s no need to steal the death star plans to find a comprehensive catalog of Star Wars dog names! Happy-Go-Doodle Chloe (my Goldendoodle dog who resembles an Ewok) and our entire pack used our Jedi mind tricks to come up with this mega list of 75 best Star Wars dog names.

We’ve included a wide variety of names inspired by the original Star Wars trilogy (A New Hope, Return of the Jedi, The Empire Strikes Back), the sequel trilogy, and the prequel trilogy. Plus, we didn’t limit our ideas to character names, but looked beyond the galaxy to unearth creative names of planets, creators, cast members, creatures, places, and of course, Star Wars characters. In other words, there are names here inspired by the entire Star Wars universe.

So grab your datapads and jot down your favorite Star Wars names from our list below. Then, have fun narrowing your favorites down to “the chosen one” that’s a perfect fit for your dog.

Best Star Wars dog names

Defining what makes a name the best could be an entire trilogy in itself. We think it depends on the character and personality of your dog. Here are some names that we believe are the best. Try them out on your little puppy and see if one is paw-fect!

1. CHEWBACCA: Han Solo’s co-pilot known for his big heart

2. WOOKIE: shaggy giants from the planet Kashyyyk, Chewbacca was the most famous

3. WINDU: last name of Mace Windu, a Jedi Master

4. LEIA: Princess Leia, one of the galaxy’s greatest leaders

5. OBI: Obi-Wan Kenobi, legendary Jedi master

6. KYLO: first name of Kylo Ren, fiery-tempered son of Han and Leia

7. JAR-JAR: (Jar-Jar Binks) lanky, gawky Gungan species with orange eyes

8. YODA: wise, powerful Jedi master who was small in stature but legendary in the ways of the force

Star Wars names for male dogs

If you’re searching for a Star Wars name inspired by the colorful cast of characters playing male leading roles, supporting cast members, and even the masterminds behind the Star Wars trilogy, we’ve rounded up this list for you:

9. JEDI: (Jedi Knight) leaders in the Star Wars universe

10. TROOPER: (Storm Trooper) soldiers loyal to the Empire

11. FALCON: (Millennium Falcon) a starship

12. SOLO: (Han Solo) one of the great leaders and heroes, Chewbacca’s sidekick

13. KENOBI: (Obi-Wan Kenobi) legendary Jedi master

14. MACE: (Mace Windu) legendary Jedi master

15. LUCAS: in honor of the mastermind behind the Star Wars universe, George Lucas

16. GEORGE: another nod to the producer, George Lucas

17. CAPTAIN: an officer of high rank or a someone in charge of a starship

18. SKYWALKER or LUKE: (Luke Skywalker) one of the greatest Jedi in the galaxy

19. PHANTOM: inspired by The Phantom Menance, episode 1 of the prequel series

20. LANDO: (Lando Calrissian) selfless leader who fought against the Empire

21. KYLO REN: a dark warrior, son of Leia and Han Solo

22. SABER: short form of lightsaber

23. HOTH: snow and ice-filled sixth planet

24. HARRISON: first name of Harrison Ford, actor who portrayed Han Solo

25. DROID: short for android

26. QUI-GON: (Qui-Gon Jinn) wise, compassionate Jedi Master

27. CHURRIT: (Churrit Imwe) a highly skilled warrior who was deeply spiritual

28. VADER: (Darth Vader) he needs no description

And if the names above have awakened a quest to seek out male dog names inspired by humans from the planet Earth, please visit our list of 101 Old-Fashioned Names for Boy Puppy Perfection.

Star Wars names for girl dogs

If your pup is the heroine in your life, check out this list of Star Wars names for girl dogs. Star Wars created an adventurous cast of female leading characters, so we’ve included a variety of names inspired by the characters, actresses, and creatures that graced the Star Wars stories.

29. REY: kind, caring, brave leading character in the sequel trilogy

30. PRINCESS: inspired by Princess Leia

31. LEIA: (Princess Leia) one of the galaxy’s greatest leaders

32. PADME’: courageous, hopeful leader and Queen, senator of Naboo

33. AMIDALA: Padme’s last name

34. KANATA: (Maz Kanata) wise being who was over 1,000 years old (A great choice if you’re a dog lover who wishes your dog could live forever. And that’s basically all of us!)

35. ROSE: (Rose Tico) female human who served as a maintenance worker

36. STAR: in reference to the entire trilogy or a Star Fighter

37. CARRIE: actress Carrie Fisher who portrayed Leia

38. HOPE: inspired by the movie title: A New Hope

39. SABE’: bodyguard and decoy to Queen Amidala

40. DAISY: Daisy Ridley, actress who played Rey

41. SOLA: Padme’s sister

42. FELUCIA: planet covered in colorful plants

43. SERENNO: Count Dooku’s home planet

And if the names above have awakened a quest to seek out girl dog names inspired by female humans from the planet Earth, please visit our list of 101 Old-Fashioned Dog Names for Girl Puppy Cuteness.

Strong, tough, or cool Star Wars names

Will your puppy play the part of strength, bravery, and protector in your pack? One of these strong, brave, or cool-under-pressure Star Wars names may be the perfect fit for your heroic pup.

44. GALAXY: a nod to the classic line “…in a galaxy far, far away…”

45. FORCE: a nod to the classic line, “May the force be with you.”

46. PILOT: in reference to all the Star Wars pilots

47. SOLO: (Han Solo) one of the great leaders and heroes, Chewbacca’s sidekick

48. REBEL: as a reference to the rebel forces

49. SERGEANT: military rank

50. CAPTAIN: military rank

51. GENERAL: military rank

52. BRAVO: inspired by the pilots: Bravo Two, Three, Five

53. PANAKA: (Captain Panaka) security force protector

54. ENDOR: small, forested moon

55. MASTER: in reference to Master Yoda

56. YODA: wise, powerful Jedi master who was small in stature but legendary in the ways of the force

57. KNIGHT: inspired by the Jedi Knights

58. VANGUARD: fearless soldiers

Cute Star Wars dog names

Is your pup as cute as an Ewok? Or maybe the perfect comedic sidekick in your life? These cute Star Wars dog names may be the perfect choice for your cute little pup.

59. EWOK: small, furry bipeds that look like teddy bears

60. WICKET: a brave Ewok scout

61. TATOOINE: beige-colored desert planet

62. R2-D2: loyal, courageous droid

63. C-3PO: worry-prone protocol droid

64. BB: (BB-8) loyal droid

65. WAMPA: white, furry creature

66. TAUNTAUN: swift snow lizard from Hoth

67. PADAWAN: a young apprentice (you could shorten this to PADDY)

68. BINKS: short for Jar Jar Binks

69. FINN: stormtrooper who switches paths and joins Rey

70. BOHDI: (Bohdi Rook) pilot who musters the courage to steal the plans

71. JABBA: (Jabba the Hut) slug-like alien

Ewok names

Does your puppy resemble a curious, furry Ewok? Then these Ewok names may steal the show and be the best name for your fluffy pup.


73. EWOK






Bonus material: More Star Wars name ideas

We didn’t want to leave these names on the cutting room floor, so we’re including them as bonus material.

79. NABOO: planet with green terrain

80. TIE: in reference to the Tie Fighter, a single-pilot vehicle

81. SNOWSPEEDER: fast-flying vessel. Could be applicable for a speedy, white doggo!)

We hope you found a name that’s perfect for your pup! May the fur be with you!

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