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Red goldendoodle dog with snowy beard and title Twas the Day Before Christmas

A Dog’s Twas the Day Before Christmas

Happy-Go-Doodle Chloe and I woke up to a blanket of snow covering the ground on Christmas Eve morning. This Christmas greeting was inspired by our snowy morning adventures (and a short twist on a classic Night Before Christmas)…along with our warmest, furriest wishes for a very merry Christmas to you!           […]

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Red goldendoodle dog and title the gift of outdoor adventures the art of giving experiences that are gift ideas that dog owners will love

Gift Ideas for Dog Owners & Dogs Who Love the Outdoors

Need outdoorsy gift ideas for dog owners and dogs?  If Happy-Go-Doodle Chloe were in charge of the holiday shopping, her list would be filled with gift ideas for dog owners and dogs with one theme…fun-filled, together-time adventures! In fact, her gift idea wish list might look something like this… Do you have a furry friend […]

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Patriotic dog with blue bandana sitting with flags and title Happy Happy Happy July 4

Red, White, and True…Dogs Love You

Red, white, and true…dogs love you!  Enjoy this feel-good video from one very happy DOODLE!  If this video made you smile, you might also like… LIFE’S A BALL: Happy-Go-Doodle’s Photo Gallery How Does a Ball Dog Celebrate Good News How do you celebrate national holidays or special days? We’d love to hear. Please comment below. Doodle kisses […]

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Close-up red goldendoodle dog wearing yellow dandelion crown on vintage quilt

Photo Collage: Dandelions and Doodle Happiness

Sunshine. Butter yellow dandelions. One playful pup. Good times. We hope our “Dandelions and Doodle Happiness”  photo collage brings a little extra smile to your day. What little things bring you springtime joy? If you’d like to make a simple dandelion crown like the one in the pics, please check out… Doodles & Dandelions: How […]

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Close-up of red goldendoodle dog wearing dandelion crown and title that says doodles and dandelions how to make a dandelion crown for your dog

How to Make a Flower Crown Using Just Dandelions

Dandelion crowns and sunny days Are bright yellow dandelions poking their heads up in green carpeted yards, parks, and fields where you live? Seeing spring-green fields speckled with sunshine yellow dots takes me back to my childhood—picking dandelions, braiding dandelion garlands, crafting makeshift dandelion bracelets, and even making dandelion crowns. Warm sunny days were dandelion […]

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Goldendoodle, fall leave, and quote by happy-go-doodle about fall

Goldendoodle Photo Gallery: Fall Collection

Love fall and dogs and crisp morning walks with your dog by your side? Please enjoy our fall photos of Goldendoodle Chloe accompanied by heartwarming quotes and messages. Each one is inspired by the unbreakable bond between dogs and their people.

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white coffee cup with swirled foam and word love

4 New Quotes About Dog Love That Will Warm Every Dog Mom’s Heart

4 New Quotes About Dog Love That Will Warm Every Dog Mom’s Heart If there’s no better way to spend your morning than cozied up with a cup of coffee warming your hands and your favorite dog cuddled up beside you, then you’ll love this series of new quotes about life’s little moments and the […]

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Close-up face of Red goldendoodle dog and close-up of red fall leaf

Feel-Good Quotes About Fall and Dogs: A Harvest of Happiness

Harvest of Happiness: Feel-Good Quotes About Fall and Dogs Love fall? If some of your favorite days are ones where you can see your breath and hear the crunch of leaves under your feet, these 15 quotes about fall may make you fall even deeper in love with autumn days, cuddly puppies, frosty leaves, and […]

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