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The Teddy Bear Goldendoodle: 5 Things You May Not Know About ‘Em

What is a teddy bear Goldendoodle? For starters, these fluffy ragamuffins could fit right in as comic relief in a Muppet movie. Plus, they have enough cuddly cuteness to be a willy, nilly, silly ol’ bear like Winnie the Pooh. Yes, they’re “beary” cute! 😉

But the teddy bear factor is just the beginning of why these adorable mixed breeds make such great family pets.

The Teddy Bear Goldendoodle: 5 Things You May Not Know About ‘Em

If you’re curious about the teddy bear Goldendoodle, we’re glad you’re here, friends.

Teddy bear's face snuggled next to a Teddy Bear Goldendoodle's face. photo.

First, here is the short answer to the question…

What is a teddy bear Goldendoodle?

While many people use the term “teddy bear Goldendoodle” broadly to describe all Goldendoodles, the association was originally made between one specific type.

First, it helps to know that Goldendoodles are a cross between the Golden Retriever and the Poodle breeds.

From my research, the term “teddy bear Goldendoodle” may have first been used to describe the cross between the English Golden Retriever and the Standard Poodle.

The English Golden Retriever has a boxier head, square body, and round eyes. These traits lend that teddy bear look. (By the way, differences between the American Golden Retriever and the English Golden Retriever are slight.

And, it is important to note that the English and American Golden Retrievers are both under one Golden Retriever breed standard by the AKC.)

Apricot, light-red Goldendoodle sitting next to a teddy bear like twins. Photo.

You may also have heard teddy bear Goldendoodles called English Goldendoodles or English teddy bear Goldendoodles. Whatever the name, the Doodle is a hybrid breed or crossbreed.

The first generation cross is called an F1 Goldendoodle. The F1B Goldendoodle is a cross between a Poodle and an F1 Goldendoodle.

If you get right down to it, these adorable dogs are essentially a hybrid breed (some say mixed breed) that brings together the intelligence of the Poodle breed and the friendly, playfulness of the Golden Retriever breed.

But teddy bear cuteness is just the beginning…

All that cuteness on the outside may bring to mind the fluff-n-stuff teddy bears from your childhood, but what’s underneath all the teddy bear fluff?

Here are my top five things about teddy bear Goldendoodles that you might not know:

#5 Teddy bear Goldendoodles are more than just their cute good looks

Red Goldendoodle dog and teddy bear leaning against each other. Photo.

Both Goldendoodle puppies and adult Goldendoodles tend to look like teddy bears. In other words, they don’t outgrow the teddy bear look. However, they are more than just their cute good looks.

Because Goldendoodles tend to be smart, many Goldendoodles become working dogs including service dogs, therapy dogs, or guide dogs. Most are easy to train too.

But all that intelligence also means that Goldendoodles require plenty of mental stimulation and activity or they will devise their own methods (i.e. chewing on your shoes) to stay occupied.

For a list of brain games to keep your Goldendoodle busy, please read my article, 14 Games to Play with Your Dog.)

#4 Like their stuffed twin, teddy bear Goldendoodles range in size, fluff, and color.

Cute Goldendoodle sitting her nose on top of a teddy bear. photo

Oh my dog! Those button eyes and all that fluff! Where does it come from? The Goldendoodle parent breeds—the Poodle and the English Golden Retriever— bring a lot of variety and adorableness to the party! Here’s a snapshot of info about size, coat color, and fluffiness:

Size: The Poodle ancestry brings a range of sizes from the standard Poodle clear down to the toy Poodle size. That’s why Doods range in size from standard to medium to mini Goldendoodles.

For more about medium Goldendoodles, please read my post, The Medium Goldendoodle: Complete Guide.

Coat color: The Poodle ancestry brings a wide variety of coat colors and the Golden Retriever ancestry brings a range of golden coat colors too.

That’s why Goldendoodles can be seen trotting around sporting a variety of coat colors including ivory, cream, red, apricot, black, chocolate (brown), and even parti (two-color or a patchwork of color).

Fluff: Finally, coat type can range from straight to wavy to fleece. Again, it’s all in the parent breeds. The Golden Retriever brings the smooth coat and the Poodle brings the curly coat.

The result is a curly coat, wavy coat, or straight coat. For more about appearance, please check out articles on the Goldendoodle Association of North America’s website.

Here is one important caveat: it’s fun to think about colors and coat types and look at pictures of Goldendoodle puppies that pull at your heartstrings.

But it is critical that if you are considering adding a new pup to your pack, the puppy’s health is your number one concern.

#3 Many Doodle parents groom their Goldendoodle dogs to look like teddy bears.

Did you know that many professional groomers or Doodle parents give Doodles a teddy bear hair cut? All kinds of Doods —Goldendoodles, mini Goldendoodles, Labradoodles, and Aussiedoodles —are groomed in a style that has a teddy bear look.

This Goldendoodle teddy bear cut is extremely popular—probably because it’s just so stinkin’ cute.

Also, watch a short video tutorial of a Westiminster groomer demonstrating how to Trim a Goldendoodle Face.

#2 Teddy bears and Goldendoodles both have a playful approach to life

Cute and funny? What a combo! Goldendoodles are like having a non-stop comedy show in your living room. While they have the cute factor, it’s their adorable antics that really steal your heart.

How did they get to be such comedians of cuteness? They learned it from their “pawrents!” 😉

Teddy bear and Goldendoodle looking at each other nose-to-nose. photo

According to the AKC, the Golden Retriever “takes a joyous and playful approach to life and maintains this puppyish behavior into adulthood.” Also, according to the AKC, the Poodle, “is eager, athletic, and wickedly smart.”

With such great parents, it’s easy to see why they’re such silly yet smart cookies! (For a peek into Happy-Go-Doodle Chloe’s antics, please check out, my humor blog posts: 75 Dog Puns, Memes, and Doggo Lingo and Patrick is Mahomie: Goldendoodle Celebrates the Super Bowl,)

And the #1 similarity between teddy bears and teddy bear Goldendoodles…

Adult Goldendoodle and teddy bear faces looking into camera. photo.

They just wanna be your teddy bear!

Thank you for sharing some of your valuable time with us! We hope you’ve found helpful information on teddy bear Goldendoodles along with some “golden” doodle love, hugs, and happiness too!

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