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THIS OR THAT? Which of these 20 activities would your dog choose?



Fetch or tug of war? Active games or brain games? Baths or brushing? Which would your dog choose? Check out these 20 THIS OR THAT choices. Then let us know which ones are your dog’s favorites by commenting below. Your answers will help us create future stories that spark your interest…and inspire fun together times for you and your furry friend.



Which would your furry sidekick choose?


1. Fetch or tug of war?


Red goldendoodle dog with red ring toy in mouth and doodle playing tug of war with red toy



2. Active games or brain games?


Red goldendoodle dog fetching a tennis ball and doodle eating treats from a red ball



3. Ball or chew toy?


Red goldendoodle with pink tennis ball and red goldendoodle with red toy ring


4. Belly rubs or ear rubs?


Red goldendoodle dog with paws up and begging eyes; doodle getting an ear rub


5. Treats or cuddles?



Red goldendoodle looking at a treat and doodle snuggled with person


6. Leaves or snow? (Or sunshine!)


Red goldendoodle with leaves on face and doodle with snow on face


7. Car rides or water rides?


Red goldendoodle in truck and doodle on a paddle board


8. Peanut butter or baby carrots?



Close-up of red goldendoodle with tongue out and same doodle with baby carrots by Christmas tree

9. Walks or couch time?



Photo of red goldendoodle dog on leash and photo of dog on couch


10. Toothbrush time or bath time?


Red goldendoodle dog getting teeth brushed and doodle dog with shampoo in hair


Whether active or brainy, ball fetching or frisbee catching, treat lover or little cuddler, dogs are happy factories of smiles and love. And, if  your little tail wagger is  like Happy-Go-Doodle Chloe, they’re happy to do anything… as long as they’re doing it with you.



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Active or brainy games? Belly or ear rubs? Fetch or tug of war?  Ball or chew toy? Toothbrush or bath time? Please share your dog’s preferences here…


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