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The 12 Days of Christmas By One Very Happy Goldendoodle Dog

What Will Your Sweet Dog Bring You On the 12 Days of Christmas? 

The 12 Days of Christmas song got us thinking. Happy-Go-Doodle brings her family gifts of smiles every day. But if she could bring us her favorite gift what would it be? For a feel-good break, please watch the video of Happy-Go-Doodle Chloe’s 5 Days of Christmas.  We hope it brings you a smile!

What Are Your Dog’s 12 Joys of the Christmas Season?

Now that we know what joys dogs might share with us, what joys will dog owners share with their dogs?  As I was scrolling through Instagram and smiling at pics of dogs romping through snow, hiking through woods, playing in leaves, fetching balls, snuggling on couches, and bringing smiles to anyone peeking in on their adventures, one little word came to mind…


Fluffy or silky, ball fetching or frisbee catching, muddy paws or dressed as Santa Claus, each of our four-legged family members are adorably unique. Yet they all have one thing in common—they’re each a happy factory of smiles and love. Anyone who has a furry friend by their side knows the joy that our dogs share with us every day. And if you’re at a time in your life where you may not have a dog, maybe you find joy in remembering pets from your childhood, enjoying other people’s pets, or even smiling at pet pics. Dogs bring joy.

But what brings our dogs the most joy?

I was as curious as a puppy discovering her first snowflake to know what it is that brings all those happy pups we see on social media the most joy? And how will their families be sharing joy with them this holiday season?

Chloe, has given us so many smiles and happiness. I decided to jot down all the things that she loves and set aside time each day during the busy holiday season to share some joy with her. Here are my 12 Days of Christmas Joys to share with Chloe. And, for a little more fun, I crafted it into a twist on the holiday song, The 12 Days of Christmas.

The 12 Days of Christmas Joys for Dogs

On the twelfth day of Christmas,

we’ll share with our puppy…

12 games of fetching

11 walky walkies

10 lick-my-faces

9  “load-up!” outings

8  toothy brushings

7  belly scratches

6  games of “GET IT”

5 GAMES OF FETCH! (because you can never get enough!)

4 fun car rides

3 brain games

2 tasty treats

And a mer-ry, lov-ing FAMILY!

What are your dog’s 12 joys of Christmas? 

It will be snow fun to hear!  Please comment below.

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About Happy-Go-Doodle…

The Christmas season seemed like the ideal time to start our new Happy-Go-Doodle brand and blog two years ago. Our vision is to share joy and to celebrate and nurture the bond between goldendoodles (labradoodles, poodles, other “oodle” dogs, and all dogs) and the people who love them. Our missions is simple: we hope to share as much joy with others as Chloe shares with everyone she meets.

Doodle kisses and tail wags,

Happy-Go-Doodle Chloe and her sidekick, Jenise


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