WHAT IS A GOLDENDOODLE? 100 Dog Owners Describe the Heart and Soul Behind These Loveable Doodles

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What is a Goldendoodle? Loveable doodles are more than just another sweet face

What is a Goldendoodle? There’s more to these muppet dogs than just a cute, fluffy doggo face. These loveable doodles have captured the hearts of their owners—mine included. While the popularity of the Goldendoodle has grown since the time it was first conceived in the 1990s, the poodle-retriever mix is not without a little canine controversy.

Golden regrets...

According to an article from Psychology Today (and recently The NY Post), the man credited with inventing the Labradoodle (the crossbreed that preceded the Goldendoodle) regrets his decision. In fact, he believes he created a “Frankenstein” as declared by the article’s subtitle.

But if this is the case, the loveable doodle dogs are just too happy-go-lucky, positive, carefree, smart, and energetic to notice. And, so are the Goldendoodles’ people.

Goldendoodle owners are donning T-shirts that express their happy “Doodle Dog Mom” or “Proud Parent of a Dood” affinity. They are joining Facebook Doodle dog communities, creating Instagram profiles, and participating in Doodle meet-ups and romps. They’re even tackling doodle care—from grooming fluffy faces to trimming their toenails. Goldendoodle moms and dads are having so much fun that I think it’s safe to say that they are living a new lifestyle…

…the Doodle life.

Together with their goofy, comical, and loveable doodle dogs, they are bonding with each other and having a ball! (And if you’re a doodle lover, check out Top 10 Signs You Might be a Doodle Fanatic.)

So what is a Goldendoodle, anyway?

The short, more factual answer is this: the Goldendoodle is a cross between the Golden Retriever and the Poodle. Because of the “smart” genes from the Poodle and the “friendly personality” genes from the Golden Retriever, generally, Goldendoodles make great family companions as well as agility dogs and therapy dogs.

But what is it really about these loveable doodles?

What’s the heart and soul behind these comical canines? What do doodle dog moms and dads see in their doodly family members?

I reached out to Goldendoodle owners on social media and asked them for one word that best describes their Goldendoodles. After receiving over 100 responses, it was clear that these dogs are undeniably loveable. And, just like every doodle is unique, so were the answers!

How Goldendoodle parents describe the Goldendoodle in one word:

The word cloud below is a visual summary of how Goldendoodle owners described their loveable doodle dogs in one word. The words in larger type were the most often repeated. Smart, loving, joy/joyful, goofy, and loyal were some of the most frequently used words to describe Goldendoodles.

loveable doodles are described by dog owners with words in shape of a dog
Words moms and dads use to describe their dogs, the Goldendoodle.

And I compiled the entire list of words Goldendoodle owners used to describe doodles here:

Adorable Adoring Adventurous
Best Friend Blessing Bouncy
Busy Carefree Charismatic
Charming Comforting Companion
Compassionate Cuddlebug Dedicated
Deep Derpy (they’re cartoonish) Devoted
Doofy Ecstatic Effervescent
Energetic Entertaining Exciting
Faithful Family Friendship
Fun Furry Sunshine Gentle
Gentle Giant Goober Goofy
Happiness Happy Heartwarming
Hilarious Hugger Human
Human-like Instinctual Intuitive
Irresistible Intelligent Joyful
Lackadaisical Lovable Love
Lovebug Loving Loyal
Perfect Playful Pleasing
Precious Angel Pure Joy Pure Love
Pure Utter Love Overwhelming Joy Quirky
Shadow Silly Smart
Snuggly Soulful Spirited
Sweetheart Spoiled LOL! Spunky
Sweet Tenacious Therapeutic
Unconditional Love Vivacious Willing
Wonderful Kind

So here’s to all the slightly derpy and completely loveable doodle dogs!

What is a Goldendoodle? For me, if I had to choose one word to answer the question, I’d pick “happiness.” There’s rarely a time when Happy-Go-Doodle Chloe and I have been out and about together that she doesn’t bring a smile to a stranger’s face—simply by being her happy, slightly goofy self. And,as my fingers tap out this article on my laptop, she is “happiness” at my feet and “joy” warming my heart on a chilly day.

So here’s to all the happy, energetic, derpy, smart, silly, goofy, gentle, loveable doodle dogs!

And here’s to all the doodle dog parents who are loving on the cutest little Frankensteins the world has ever known!

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